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Contemporary Tapestries at ShContemporary 2009
《当代挂毯艺术》参加ShContemporary 2009博览会
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上海James Cohan画廊将在ShComtemporary博览会(2009年9月10-13日)上带来《当代挂毯艺术》,届时展出6位国际知名艺术家的挂毯作品。展位W35-37。

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present Contemporary Tapestries at SnContemporary art fair (September 10-13, 2009), an exhibit featuring fabric works by 6 prominent international artists. Booth W35-37.

当代挂毯艺术:Gary Hume、Beatriz Milhazes、Shahzia Sikander、Fred Tomaselli、Gavin Turk、Kara Walker2009年9月10日至13日上海当代艺术展ShContemporary),W 35-37展位 上海展览中心(延安中路1000号)

2005年,伦敦艺术机构"游说之旗"邀请了14位国际知名艺术家创作手工挂毯。该项目制作历时三年,2008年一场名为《纱线、魅影和传说》的展览汇集了所有作品,分别在伦敦The Dairy空间及巴塞尔迈阿密海滩博览会上揭幕。一年之后,James Cohan画廊将携部分作品在上海当代艺术展ShContemporary 2009)上展出,尔后一场完整的挂毯展览将于明年冬天在James Cohan纽约画廊推出。展览的挂毯均出自上海周边地区纺织女工之手。



更多信息,请联系 许宇 或 +86 21 5466 0825。

FRED TOMASELLI After Migrant Fruit Thugs 仿偷果实的候鸟, 2008 Wool background, silk birds with metallic thread detail 羊毛底、丝绸鸟禽、金属丝线细节 98 x 64 inches; 250 x 163 cm

CONTEMPORARY TAPESTRIES:GARY HUME, BEATRIZ MILHAZES, FRED TOMASELLI, GAVIN TURK, SHAHZIA SIKANDER, KARA WALKERSeptember 10 - 13, 2009ShContemporary Art Fair, Booth W 35-37 Shanghai Exhibition Center (1000 Middle Yan An Rd.)

KARA WALKER A Warm Summer Evening In 1863 1863年一个温和的夏夜, 2008 Wool tapestry and hand cut felt silhouette figure 羊毛挂毯、手切毛毡人形 69 x 98 inches; 175 x 250 cm In 2005 the London-based art organization Banners of Persuasion invited fourteen internationally renowned artists to create a hand-woven tapestry. Three years in the making, the collection titled "Yarns, Demons and Tales" was exhibited at the end of 2008 at The Dairy, London and at the Miami Basel art fair. James Cohan Gallery is pleased to be presenting a selection of the works at ShContemporary 2009 to be followed by an exhibition of complete collection at the New York gallery next winter. The tapestries were hand-made by women weavers from the outskirts of Shanghai. Hand-woven tapestry faded long ago as an art medium in much the same way as the magnificent tapestries of the golden era themselves disintegrated under the harsh spotlight of mass-production. The works in "Yarns, Demons and Tales" themselves reveal a transformation from each artist's unique artistic practice into the uncharted territory of this yet, for them, un-explored craft. During the process of creation, the artist's were initially preoccupied with technical matters: limited colors, the texture of the material, the properties of the different threads and the complexity of the weave. But as the process developed, the new medium began to enhance, rather than compromise the finished work; thus giving birth to a thoroughly contemporary body of work, one that evolved naturally from its historical past. The hand-woven proved to be an alternative soft canvas; warm, tactile, and well-able to represent ideas and images on a vast scale, both in terms of imagination and sheer physical presence. The notion of Tapestry, an art form with a complex and well-documented past, is thereby re-vitalized, enabling us to reconsider it as an illuminating and revelatory format for today's world.

Contemporary Tapestries is a collaboration with Banners of Persuasion.

For further information, please contact Leo Xu at or +86 21 5466 0825.

BEATRIZ MILHAZES Carioca 卡里奥克舞, 2008 Wool background, silk flora motif, tapestry 羊毛底、丝质花卉主题、挂毯 79 x 79 inches; 200 x 200 cm