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Bill Viola at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Bill Viola, curated by Kira Perov and organized in conjunction with Claudia Zevi & Partners, will open at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni on October 21, 2008 through January 6, 2009. The exhibition will host a selection of Viola's work, including various examples of his more recent artistic output. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is located at Via Nazionale, 194 in Rome, Italy.A pioneer in the field of video art, and internationally acclaimed as one of today's greatest living artists, Bill Viola has played a crucial role in achieving recognition for this genre as one of the most vibrant forms of expression in the world of contemporary art, also making a major contribution to its development in terms of technology and content.

Bill Viola has been creating videotapes, video installations, sound spaces and video and electronic music performances, using sophisticated and innovative technology, for over 35 years. His work, designed to offer the visitor a full-immersion experience in image and sound, conjugates extraordinary technical sophistication with absolute simplicity of form.

In an era in which an artist's importance is often proportional to his or her recognition by a select group of experts, Bill Viola's videos and installations are capable of involving and appealing to far larger and broader audience. His deeply spiritual art explores the phenomenon of sensory perception as the true path leading to self-knowledge; it focuses on man's universal experiences (birth, death, nature, man's relationship with the universe) and it is deeply rooted in both Western and Eastern art as well as in various spiritual traditions ranging from Zen Buddhism to Islamic Sufism, via Christian mysticism. Restoring art to its primary purpose, Viola pegs it to the common experience of every man and woman, managing to communicate a direct awareness of human nature; this, because his art achieves its full realization, coming into its own, not on a screen or on the wall of a room but in the heart and mind of the viewer.

The exhibition, curated by Kira Perov and organized in conjunction with Claudia Zevi & Partners, will be hosting a selection of Viola's work including various examples of his more recent artistic output: On show will be some of his most famous and spectacular large-scale installations (The Crossing, The Veiling), as well as reinterpretations in video of icons from the history of art (The Greeting, Emergence), and images on a flat screen with which, using silent, slow-motion sequences of intense expressiveness, the artist focuses on the mystery of human feelings and emotions (Dolorosa, Anima, Silent Mountain, The Locked Garden).