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Announcing James Cohan Gallery Shanghai Inaugural Exhibition

James Cohan Gallery is proud to announce the opening of James Cohan Gallery Shanghai in July, 2008 with the inaugural exhibition, Mining Nature. Please join us for the opening reception Thursday, July 10, 2008 from 6-8PM at 1/F Building 1, No. 1 Lane, 170 Yue Yang Road, located in the heart of Shanghai's French Concession. The show will continue through August 30, 2008.

发 掘 淤 自 然, 2008 年7月10日至8月30日, 开幕酒会, 7月10日星期四, 下午6点至8点James Cohan Gallery opens a gallery in Shanghai July, 2008 1/F Building 1, No. 1 Lane, 170 Yue Yang Road Shanghai 200031 PRC Tel: +86 21 54660825

James Cohan Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of our new gallery in Shanghai, China, opening July 2008. The Director of the gallery, Arthur Solway, who has relocated to Shanghai from New York, explains that "The goal of this new gallery is to cast itself as a place of progressive ideas from around the world. James Cohan Gallery Shanghai plans to show the most dynamic international artists - including those already well-known in China, such as American artist, Bill Viola, and Korean video pioneer, Nam June Paik - to those who are just being introduced here, such as American sculptor, Roxy Paine, and Nigerian-born artist, Yinka Shonibare, MBE. We hope to help expand the audience for Western contemporary art in China and to bring a culturally diverse contribution to both the people of Shanghai and those who visit the city from points worldwide."

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is located in the heart of the French Concession and occupies the ground floor of a 1930s villa set inside a lane on Yueyang Road. The 3,000 square foot gallery space has retained its original Chinese and Art Deco detailing. Adjacent to the gallery is a large meditation garden for outdoor sculpture installations and performances. A culturally rich neighborhood, the French Concession is home to the gallery's neighbors, the Shanghai Opera House and the Shanghai Institute of Chinese Painting. The beauty of the gallery's architectural space in this historic district underscores the relationship that Shanghai, with its cosmopolitan and international character, has maintained as the gateway to China for the West. For this reason, it provides an ideal site for James Cohan Gallery's new venture in China.

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai will mount six exhibitions per year. Plans include presenting solo exhibitions that feature distinctive visions as well as group exhibitions organized along a uniting theme. James Cohan Gallery Shanghai will inaugurate its new space with an exhibition entitled Mining Nature, opening on July 10th and running through August 31st, 2008. The exhibition, which features a number of artists from the gallery roster, will address the question of man's changing relationship to nature. In a world in which the "real" - either virtual or actual - has become muddied, where genetic engineering is possible and environmental change is alarmingly rapid, the very definition of nature is complex. Through works created by artists from the 1960s onward, Mining Nature will examine the presence of the natural world in contemporary art. Artists included in the exhibition will be Ingrid Calame, Yun-Fei Ji, Jeff Koons, Richard Long, Roxy Paine, Yinka Shonibare, MBE, Robert Smithson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Fred Tomaselli, Bill Viola, and Wim Wenders, among others.

In addition to an ongoing program of exhibitions at the Shanghai gallery, James Cohan Gallery will participate in major Asian art fairs including; Art Taipei 2008, August 29th through September 2nd, where we will present all new media works by artists such as Japanese animator, Hiraki Sawa, and American video pioneer, Bill Viola; as well as ShContemporary 2008, September 10th through 13th, where we will showcase a new work from Bill Viola's Ocean Without a Shore series, first shown to great acclaim at the Venice Biennale 2007.

To contact James Cohan Gallery Shanghai director, Arthur Solway, please write to or telephone +86 1582 119 1184.

For further information about the exhibition schedule, please contact Jane Cohan at or telephone 212-714-9500. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

James Cohan Gallery 将在2008年7月在上海正式成立新的空间 上海市岳阳路170弄1号楼1楼。 联系电话:86-21-54660825

1999年成立于纽约的当代艺术画廊James Cohan Gallery, 将于2008年7月在上海成立另一个新的空间。画廊总监Arthur Solway, 一位刚刚来到上海定居的美国人, 他谈到, "在上海成立画廊的目标是为了在世界艺术这个大熔炉里表现我们自身特有的价值。James Cohan Gallery Shanghai将呈现许多国际最知名艺术家的作品, 其中, 有已经在中国非常具有知名度的美国影像艺术家Bill Viola以及韩国影像创作先锋, Nam June Paik, 也有被国内人刚刚熟悉的艺术家, 美国著名的雕塑家Roxy Paine和出生于尼日利亚的艺术家Yinka Shonibare, MBE. 我们希望通过此举扩大西方当代艺术品在中国艺术爱好者中的影响, 为上海人民以及来自世界各地的人们带来多文化交流的机遇。"

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai坐落在上海市法租界中心的一幢建于1936年的法式花园别墅中, 别墅位于岳阳路, 画廊占据整个底层。300平方米的画廊空间仍保留着原有的中国传统的艺术装饰设计的风格。与画廊毗连的是一个令人不禁冥想的大花园, 一些户外艺术雕刻品将在这个花园中展出。法租界是上海一个充满了历史气息和文化的地方。上海京剧院, 上海中国书画院都与画廊毗邻。这幢老式洋房的魅力体现了上海的这座大都市与其具有国际性影响的历史文化地密

切关系, 也为西方国家开辟了一条通道。由此促使James Cohan选择了这样一个理想的地方开始新的旅程。 每年James Cohan Gallery Shanghai计划举办6个展览。 其中将展出具有独特鉴赏力的个人展及具有主题性的群展。James Cohan Gallery Shanghai将于7月10日举办首个名为 发掘淤自然 的群展作为新画廊的开幕展, 此次群展将一直持续到8月31日, 展出来自画廊代表的著名艺术家的作品, 展览主题紧扣人类的变化与自然的关系。用一个词来说就是"真实", 不管是虚拟的还是真实的, 都因为自然的变化变得模糊, 由于基因工程学和环境的迅速变化, 自然的定义又变得更加繁琐了。通过生于六零年代的艺术家所创作的作品, 发掘淤自然 将呈现给观众一个在现代艺术中所体现出得自然的世界。参加此次群展的艺术家有, Ingrid Calame, Yun-Fei Ji, Jeff Koons, Richard Long, Roxy Paine, Hiraki Sawa, Yinka Shonibare, MBE, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Bill ViolaWim Wenders

除了本画廊组织的展览外, James Cohan Gallery Shanghai也将参加一些亚洲主要的艺术展, 比如, 2008年8月29日的台北艺术展, 届时将展出日本著名的影像漫画制作家Hiraki Sawa的所有新作以及美国影像片制作的先锋Bill Viola的作品。James Cohan Gallery Shanghai也将参加2008年9月10日至9月13日的上海当代艺术展, 届时将展出Bill Viola的新作Ocean Without a Shore, 此件作品曾在2007在威尼斯双年展上首次亮相。 James Cohan Gallery Shanghai总监Arthur Solway, 联系电话: 86-21-54660825, 86-15821191184 或发邮件至

更多信息请联系Jane Cohan, 发邮件至: 或电话: 212-714-9500