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Trenton Doyle Hancock: Something American. Film by Greg Poole. Produced by James Cohan, 2020.

Trenton Doyle Hancock: The Exchange. Film by Greg Poole. Produced by James Cohan, 2020.

Trenton Doyle Hancock: Torpedo Boy and the Moundverse. Film by Greg Poole. Produced by James Cohan, 2020. 

Press Release

Trenton Doyle Hancock - Something American - Exhibitions - James Cohan

James Cohan is pleased to present Something American, an exhibition of new work by Trenton Doyle Hancock, on view from September 17 to October 17 at 48 Walker Street and 291 Grand Street. The exhibition will span both of the gallery’s locations, with new paintings in Tribeca and a presentation of the second chapter of Hancock’s ongoing graphic novel in the Lower East Side. This is the artist’s seventh solo exhibition at James Cohan. Please click here to make an appointment.


To visit the Viewing Room, please click here


Over a career spanning nearly twenty-five years, Trenton Doyle Hancock has created a singular body of visual art that exuberantly subverts and synthesizes his omnivorous influences to invent a world entirely his own. This exhibition features new paintings that demonstrate the breadth and dexterity of Hancock’s practice: explorations of never before seen corners of the Moundverse and densely layered and collaged reexaminations of Hancock’s extraordinary iconography. These works contend with American identity and cultural expression, while confronting the ever-evolving, attendant structures of white supremacy. Hancock brings these forces into his fantastical universe in order to grapple with them—this metaphorical space, while it invites parallels to our own, is entirely under the artist’s control. In this exhibition, the artist takes us on a deeply personal journey through the multivalent facets of the self. His superhero embodiment Torpedoboy, an American football gladiator, and the artist’s self portraits all echo the contours of his mind, rendering visible a rich interiority. Hancock’s artmaking becomes a strategy of radical autobiography and a way of seeing, of looking closely both at the world outside and deep within oneself. 

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