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Moundverse Infants Soul Doll, 2018
Vinyl, factory applied paint, artist designed packaging, and risograph booklet
Doll: 14 inches in height
Package: 16 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches
Open Edition




Trenton Doyle Hancock's Moundverse Infant dolls, depicting various characters from the artist’s epic narrative, are “infant” incarnations of Torpedo Boy, Undom Endgle, Bring Back, and Soul. Riffing on the tropes of classic toy design with large logos and slick, candy-colored packaging, their boxes shout: “While inside the Mind of the Mound, anything is possible! It’s up to you to plan new adventures to add to the ever evolving story of the Moundverse Infants.”

Souls are departed Mounds, and live in the Everydaycare Center. Looked after by the maternal warrior goddess Undom Engdom, they play eternal games. Mounds are a species of gentle human-plant hybrids that reside in the forest. Mounds were born when Homerbuctus ejaculated into a field of flowers.

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