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Roxy Paine's Inversion
Installation by Roxy Paine at the entrance to Art Basel 2008
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Roxy Paine's ambitious sculpture, Inversion, 2008, will be on view as part of the Art Basel 39 Public Art Projects on the Messeplatz, June 4 – 8, 2008. Inversion is a stainless-steel sculpture of a tree-like form that is upside down, balancing on all of its limbs with its roots at the top. The 12.8 meter tall, hand-constructed, stainless steel sculpture is created out of more than 7,000 metal plate, pipe, and rod elements. The stainless steel sculptures Paine has produced since 1999 are a product of the artist's detailed study of countless tree species and the rules and codes that determine the language of these forms.