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Jesper Just in "Knowing Space" at SVA
Group Exhibition
Nov 1 - 25, 2014
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Jesper Just, Llano, 2012

Knowing Space

Saturday, November 1 - Tuesday, November 25

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 1, 6:00 - 8:00pm


School of Visual Arts presents "Knowing Space," an exhibition of works celebrating the opening of the new MA Curatorial Practice space in Chelsea. Curated by department chair Steven Henry Madoff and deputy chair Jovana Stokic, "Knowing Space" explores the relationship between architecture and pedagogy, and the intersection of space and knowledge.


Participating artists include Dénes Farkas, Jesper Just, Sarah Oppenheimer, Kate Shepherd, and Lebbeus Woods.


"This exhibition considers the relationship between architecture and pedagogy, which can be thought of as an examination of the spatialization of knowledge." Madoff and Stokic say, "The artists in this exhibition represent the intersection, fusion and interrogation of the ways space and knowledge production manifest themselves. How does space embody knowledge and its making? How is space filled with meaning, and what are the spaces within knowledge? Art historian and cultural theorist Aby Warburg spoke about the 'interval,' the space between the viewer and the work of art. He called it a space of 'suffering excitement,' in which the emotional and sensual reaction to the work and the rational assimilation of the work in thought are brought together in space.


The curating embodied in "Knowing Space" is an expression of spatial meaning-making. This knowledgization of space overflows with transfers, delays, intersections, interpretations, meditations and mediations. Shaped space, designed space, built space, imagined space, teaching space and space for teaching, physical and ethereal, are outlines in the air, passageways through which meanings are carried, dispensed, and distributed. Architecture and teaching, and curating, too, are means of stepping forward and stepping back, to be in-to be in knowing, to go through."


Free and open to the public.