Museum Exhibition
Hiraki Sawa at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
Solo Exhibition
Jan 18 - Mar 30, 2014

Hiraki Sawa, Souvenir III, 2012

Hiraki Sawa

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds

January 18 - March 30, 2014


James Cohan Gallery is pleased to announce Hiraki Sawa's solo exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, titled Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds. London-based Japanese artist Hiraki Sawa is renowned for creating fantastical videos that mix real scenery with animation. In recent years, he has produced works that appeal to viewers’ physical senses, including intimate pieces such as one presented on a display embedded in a small antique box, and also large installations using multiple screens. By inserting incongruous items into everyday indoor or natural scenes, Sawa explores the potential of video as a means of expression, skipping freely between fact and fiction. In his exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery,  Sawa presents a new work developed from his earlier creations. He is also planning an installation devised to suit the gallery’s exhibition space, enabling viewers to discover new relationships between the world of video and physical space.