Trenton Doyle Hancock at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Permanent Mural Commission
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The Dallas Cowboys commissioned Texas-based artist Trenton Doyle Hancock to make an original wall painting for their new stadium in Arlington, TX. Hancock's 45 x 98 foot mural, From a Legend To A Choir, was completed this March and features a panoply of his cartoon-like Mound characters populating a vibrant flowerbed.Trenton Doyle Hancock created a site-specific installation as part of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium Art Collection. The Jones family, along with an art council of museum curators and Texas-based collectors, selected Hancock as one of seventeen innovative contemporary artists to create new work for the stadium. The group includes nationally and internationally known artists, such as Daniel Buren, Annette Lawrence, Matthew Richie, Mel Bochner, and Olafur Eliasson.

This stadium commission, a 45-feet by 98-feet mural entitled From a Legend to a Choir, is a chapter of Hancock's ongoing narrative. Hancock has created a lush field of flowers filled with an abundance of "baby mounds." Visually, the mural is a collage of images with black-and-white striped "mound" characters, bright flowers, ribbons of color and text and includes the artist's self-portrait. From a Legend to a Choir is an optimistic work celebrating the promise and potential of things to come. The title refers to Hancock's first mound character, The Legend or Mound #1, and the choir of baby mounds that grow in his beautiful field. Both The Legend and the mound characters have been key figures in Hancock's paintings and installations of the past 15 years.