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Trenton Doyle Hancock at the Jewish Museum

Draw Them In, Paint Them Out: Trenton Doyle Hancock Confronts Philip Guston

New York, NY

November 8, 2024 - March 30, 2025

Image of TRENTON DOYLE HANCOCK's Step and Screw: The Star of Code Switching, 2020


Step and Screw: The Star of Code Switching, 2020

Acrylic, graphite, plastic tops, and paper collage on canvas

84 x 84 in.
213.4 x 213.4 cm



Press Release

A defining figure of twentieth-century avant-garde art, the Jewish painter Philip Guston addressed racism, antisemitism, and his own complicity in white supremacy through his now iconic paintings of buffoonish Klansmen. Trenton Doyle Hancock, a leading Black contemporary artist and cartoonist known for his collaged canvases, similarly draws on the language of comics to challenge and comment upon the American condition. Over the past decade, Hancock has produced a significant body of work in which Torpedoboy, his superhero avatar, confronts Guston’s hooded alter-ego. This immersive installation will explore the artists’ shared commitment to investigating the legacy of white supremacy in the United States in ways that are both emotionally raw and deeply humorous.


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