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bust of a couple that is about to kiss
The Passions: From Brueghel to Viola
New York December 1 – January 12, 2002
rocks organized in an oval shape on the floor
Roxy Paine, Richard Long, Magnus Wallin
Inoculate / Lake to Stones to Crows / Physical Paradise New York November 9 – December 21, 2002
striped artwork
The Heavenly Tree Grows Downward
Harry Smith, Philip Taaffe, and Fred Tomaselli New York September 10 – October 19, 2002
abstract painting
Painting Matter
New York May 3 – June 15, 2002
realistic painting of paint swirls
Richard Patterson
New Paintings New York February 22 – March 23, 2002
work that resembles Adam and Eve leaving the garden of Eden
Fred Tomaselli
New Paintings New York December 2 – January 13, 2001
Image of Robert Smithson's work
Robert Smithson
Mapping Dislocations New York October 13 – November 24, 2001
image of a woman smiling and wearing a big hat
Hans Stalder, Morton Bartlett and Tessa Chasteen
Double Take New York September 7 – October 6, 2001
work by Trenton Doyle Hancock
Trenton Doyle Hancock
The Legend is in Trouble New York June 21 – July 28, 2001
Giant realistic head of a man laying on its side
Ron Mueck
New Sculpture New York May 11 – June 16, 2001
machine painting
Roxy Paine
New Work New York April 5 – May 5, 2001
picture of breasts taken from an upward angle
The Big Id
New York February 17 – March 24, 2001
small, detailed, colorful squiggles
Carl Andre and Alan Saret
New York January 26 – February 17, 2001
wheel balancing on a raised plank
The Nature of Order
John Cage, Fischli & Wiess, Ellen Gallagher, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Tatsuo Miyajima and Fred Tomaselli New York December 4 – January 29, 2000
a group of random people
Bill Viola
New Work New York October 14 – November 26, 2000
sculpture by Ian Dawson
Ian Dawson
Sculpture New York September 3 – October 7, 2000
a woman with shining eyes and short white hair holding a crystal ball between her hands
Christopher Chiappa, Tony Feher, David Hammons, Trenton Hancock, Damien Hirst, Jasper Johns, Yayoi Kusama, Frank Majore, Mariko Mori, Takashi Murakami, Tony Oursler, Richard Patterson, Type A, William Wegman New York July 11 – August 18, 2000
image of a seated older woman
Extra Ordinary
Francis Cape, Vija Celmins, Michael Combs, Elizabeth Crawford, Fischli & Weiss, Ceal Floyer, Tom Friedman, Robert Gober, Eberhard Havekost, Jeff Koons, Ron Mueck, Roxy Paine, Gerhard Richter and Franz West New York May 18 – June 30, 2000
work by Richard Long
Richard Long
Fingerprint Stones New York April 5 – May 13, 2000
Joseph Beuys, Donald Judd, Jeff Koons, and Nam June Paik New York March 8 – April 1, 2000
words written in the shape of a pyramid
Robert Smithson
Language to be Looked at and/or Things to be Read: Drawings 1962-63 New York February 5 – March 4, 2000
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