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blob of color next to a painting of machinery

Roxy Paine, S2 P2 B6 (detail), 2002, low density polyethelene, 22 x 23 x

portrait painting next to an image of well dressed man

Pierre-François-Eugène Giraud d, Portrait Of Alexander Dumas

Bill Viola's work next to Francisco Jose de Goya's work

Bill Viola. Catherine's Dream, 2004, single channel video on LCD screen mounted on wall, 28 x 18 inches
Francisco José De Goya y Lucientes, The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters (plate 43 of Los Caprichos), ca. 1797, etching and aquatint, 7 ¼ x 5

work of Ingrid Calame next to work of Kurt Schwitters

Ingrid Calame, #13 Working Drawing (drawing for Bb-AA-ghch!) (detail), 2002, color pencil on trace mylar, 88 x 88 inches
Kurt Schwitters, Untitled, c. 1937, collage, 4 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches

Work by Yun-Fei Ji next to work by George Grosz

Yun-Fei Ji, Feng Jen (detail), 2004, mineral pigment and ink on xuan paper, 35 x 36 ½ inches
George Grosz, Strasse 2 (detail), 1914, pen and ink over pencil on paper, 17 x 11 ¼ inches

Press Release

James Cohan Gallery is pleased to present Between the Lines, a group exhibition featuring recent work by eight contemporary artists. Each of the contemporary works is paired with historical points of reference: a Bill Viola video titled Catherine's Dream hangs next to Goya's powerful image The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters ; Rachel Whiteread's Untitled (Felt floor) is paired with Ralston Crawford's photographic study of the New York City 3rd Avenue elevated train tracks ; Wim Wenders large format photograph of the Australian outback is installed near Edward Hopper's haunting graphic image titled Night Shadows. As no work of art is made in a vacuum, the opportunity to contemplate it within a broad frame of reference enables the viewer to set into play a series of dynamic questions and correlations. Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinian writer once asked, "Do books on a shelf speak to one another? ". The relationship between objects placed together tells as much and sometimes more than the objects themselves.

The following is a list of artists in the exhibition:

Manfredi Beninati - Henry Darger Ingrid Calame - Kurt Schwitters Trenton Doyle Hancock - The Garbage Pail Kids Yun-Fei Ji - George Grosz Beatriz Milhazes - Christian Lacroix Roxy Paine - Edmund Lewandowski Yinka Shonibare - Pierre-François-Eugène Giraud Bill Viola - Francisco José De Goya y Lucientes Wim Wenders - Edward Hopper Rachel Whiteread- Ralston Crawford

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