Since bursting onto the scene in 2002, this young New York-based artist has produced works that combine complex social and cultural references with a broad array of art historical sources, including Abstract Expressionism, colorfield painting, minimal sculpture and Japanese calligraphy.  Her sculpture and installations are composed of collections and accumulations of found objects and second-hand clothing, which she ties together to form minimal cubes or wraps into bulbous bundles.  Urban life is suggested both in her sculptures as well as the graffiti-like gestures of her exuberant paintings.

Published by: Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida; and Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, Wisconsin
With essays by Bonnie Clearwater, Paul D. Miller, and Jane Simon
Softcover, with color illustrations.
ISBN 978-1-888708-39-4

For more information, please visit MOCA North Miami.

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