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Katie Paterson 2016 Monograph


"Taken as a whole, Katie Paterson’s work forms a constellation, a strategic map of the physical universe. In addition to signals emitted by human beings, she records, decodes and translates visually the infinite number of available physical languages: the languages of minerals, plants, fossils and light. It is an opera whose subject is the history of the universe." Nicolas Bourriaud

This 256 page monograph, with 289 colour illustrations, and critical texts by Nicolas Bourriaud, Lisa Le Feuvre, Mary Jane Jacob and Lars Bang Larsen, illuminates the innovative range and conceptual clarity of an incredible artistic output. 

The artworks in the book have been ordered as a “time telescope”, according to duration – seconds, minutes, hours, years and light years.

Published by: Locus+ and Kerber Verlag
With texts by: Nicolas Bourriaud, Lisa Le Feuvre, Mary Jane Jacob, and Lars Bang Larsen
Hardcover, bound with 165 colored and 25 black and white illustrations, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7356-0261-9

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