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Hiraki Sawa: Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds


Starting from his early work Dwelling (2002), in which miniature airplanes fly around through everyday objects in an ordinary apartment, to one of the latest work Lineament (2012), beautiful, film noir-like work featuring amnesia man, Sawa’s works have been presented at both solo and group shows all over the world. His quiet, far unrealistic yet somehow familiar spectacles stimulate our old memories recalling nostalgia, and have fascinated the viewers.

This book is mainly composed of Sawa’s latest works, which were first shown during his solo show at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland last year. One of the works, Lenticular (2013), exploring train of the Planet through figures of self-taught astronomer, filmed at an old observatory in Dundee, is shown in this book together with its installation view of dome shaped and rectangle channels to feature its sculptural presence, while Aurora (2013) is enhanced the work’s rather powerful charms by showing images in various sizes. Souvenir (2012), a work created during his trip across America, has re-born in this book like a travel journal with newly added Sawa’s hand written texts. In addition, drawings made for his upcoming solo show at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery are included in this book as a separate booklet, which makes you feel as if we are looking at secret sketch book full of Sawa’s ideas for a new work. Complete video works from 2002 to 2013 are also presented in the last part of this book, with which, we would be overwhelmed by knowing how consistently Sawa’s world view has been carried out throughout all his works.

“Important thing is, not to describe the stars we actually see, but to portray ourselves looking at the sky and thinking about the stars,” says Sawa. Harmoniously merging territory and the boundary – this book will lead you to new way of experiencing Sawa’s work.

Please visit HeHe Press to purchase and learn more.

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