Curated by Jessica Lin Cox and William Pym of James Cohan Gallery, Downtown transposes the vibrant art scene of New York’s Lower East Side onto the contemporary cultural landscape of Shanghai, China.

The design of the catalogue embodies the energy transmitted between the two urban settings through an electric blue palette and a narrow format that evokes both a traveler’s guidebook and vertically-set signage from an Eastern metropolis. An activated grid structure allows for juxtaposition and fluid interplay between images and multilingual texts, set in both English and Chinese, that telegraph the character of New York to a new set of audiences. 


Published by: James Cohan Gallery, New York / Shanghai

Edited by: Jessica Lin Cox and William Pym

Translated by: Veronica Pan, Emily Xie, and Cindy Zhao

Softcover, 112 pages, with color illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9846809-2-4

For more images, please visit Project Projects.

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